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Our Services

Technical Support

Give us a call with any technical issue and after asking a few short questions we will let you know if we can help.

Knowledge in, but not limited to:


Home Networking/WiFi

Satellite Signal

Aerial Signal

No Picture


Multi-room Video/Audio distribution



Product issue diagnosis

Television Installation

We offer a professional television installation service catering for nearly every situation. We have a passion for basic desktop setups, simple wall mounts, hiding cables, bespoke solutions, televisions hidden by artwork and Mirror Televisions.

If you are looking for solutions to distribute HD video around your property, hide AV equipment in a central location or custom control systems we can advise and supply via our partners.

If you know what you are after we can help, if you are unsure we can give free unbiased advice. Feel free to give us a call.

HiFi & Home Cinema Installation

Great sound is making a comeback! When was the last time the hairs on the back of your neck stood up from listening to music from the speakers on your phone or television? Bad sound quality just doesn’t do movies or music justice, we can help share our passion for great audio and get you set up with fantastic stereo or surround sound system that is simple to use no matter how technical you are.

Multiroom Audio

Technology has come a long way in the past few years and we are excited to be part of the audio revolution! 10’s of millions of tracks are available at our fingertips, radio stations from all over the world at a swipe of our smartphones and audio played throughout every room in the house via discreet and sometimes invisible in ceiling/wall speakers. We will – with great enjoyment – carry out a free home visit to find great audio solutions for your home. We cover many projects from new builds, refurbishments or retro-fitting audio solutions into decorated homes.

WiFi & Home Networks

The backbone of any great home nowadays is a strong, reliable network. Can you get WiFi in every room, what’s the internet speed like, will Netflix videos play smoothly in 4K?! If you are having trouble with your network we can offer help and find ways to boost speeds and coverage for a happy home! If you are considering a refurbishment or new build, multiple data points in every main room are becoming a must have. If you have questions on wifi or home networks you can always give us a call to find out more.

Commercial Installations

Our Audio and Visual installations are not just limited to the home, we have installed screens in conference rooms with universal, easy access Laptop, PC and Mac connections. Background music solutions in the workplace. Digital signage for waiting areas or retail spaces. A TV in the office for major sporting events… sorry, ‘presentations’. If your a business looking to upgrade your tech we can help, feel free to call us today.

Why us?

We Have The Tools

We understand that you need the right tools for the job and pride ourselves on having them.

Certified Experience

In an industry that is constantly changing you need to keep up with technology as it evolves. We have the knowledge and certification to back it up.

Pride & Passion

We don’t drag ourselves up every day to go to work. We do this because we have a passion for technology, enjoy making our customers happy and a sense of pride at job completion.

We Are Human

Got a question or want a quote just call or email Matt, he is human and won’t respond with an automated reply! There is a high chance that Matt will also be carrying out the installation and will be there for you with any questions or aftercare.

Forward Thinking

The term ‘future proof’ gets used a lot in this industry, but under our logic this term is bogus. What was ‘Future Proof’ 10 years ago is now struggling to tie in with todays technology. By passionately researching and keeping up with the latest technological advances we try to stay ahead of the curve and understand what is around the corner so the systems we install can embrace the future.

Great Support

We include a 12 month warranty on our installations, subject to terms & conditions. Aftercare and technical support is just a phone call away.